Triple Chocolate Death – Part 2: Tea Time for the Reapers


This will be a multi-part series on the growing of Chocolate Carolina Reapers from Ed Currie. I’ll continue to update this post up until the seeds are ready to be transplanted from the seed starters to pots.

Sowing & Germination

Chocolate Carolina Reaper seeds from Pucker Butt Pepper Company. The process was taken mostly from the recommendations of Ed Currie: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO GROWING YOUR VERY FIRST CAROLINA REAPERĀ® PEPPER PLANT. I did not follow the soil blend as it was more involved than I had planned on and wanted to get started rather quickly.

  1. Seed package placed in the fridge for 72 hours
  2. Seeds soaked in black tea (wasn’t just black tea but something I had available with cinnamon and something else)
  3. Grow medium for the seeds was just coconut fibers from a dry block that you soak in some water and use as soil and topped with regular potting soil, but just enough to cover the seeds.
  4. These were stored outside on a covered patio for the warm, humid air and misted with a water bottle 2-3 times a day to keep them damp but not soaked.