Honoring the Retirement of ChiliPlants.com

I had only just learned about this site 2 weeks before they officially retired. I wish I had heard of them sooner because of the huge variety of plants they offered. Luckily these 6 plants should serve me for a while (the peppers at least.)

We’ll see how the tomatoes hold up. I ended up with 2 tomato plants. The Sweet Million and Sungold Hybrids should hold up to Florida summers, so long as I keep paying attention to their needs. They’ve come a long way since they were first received as you can see below.

So far the plants have managed to survive for 30 days. I’ve done my first round of liquid fertilizer for the tomatoes and introduced mulch to help keep the soil moist for a bit longer as these Florida days have been incredibly hot and saps the moisture from the soil rather quickly.

The peppers have some catching up to do as once they got into the sun and started to grow, it was readily apparent they needed some help with bushing out so I don’t have to provide much in the way of support down the road. I ended up with Goat’s Weed, Yellow Thai Chili, Bishop’s Crown and Tabasco Greenleaf Peppers.

This is the first time I had ever pruned anything so I figured I’d go all in and get pretty aggressive with them. It definite stunted their growth initially, but after 2 weeks they’re finally starting to bush out nicely.